Chief Strategy Officer

Chief Strategy Officer

Job description

Main purpose:

An efficient officer to coordinate between our internal departments, the organization and other external entities.

In this role, you will be responsible for formulating the company’s strategy, in addition, you will also act as the middle person between internal project teams and between the organization and other external entities to streamline operations, resolve issues, improve communications, and generally ensure that all relationships are beneficial to all and in the interest of the organization.
Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for Shaping the company’s overall business strategy present and future.
  • Draft and formulate the company’s strategic plan for the next 510 years, and monitor the implementation of the strategic plan, through key performance indicators (KPIs), and liaise with the various departments in achieving this plan.
  • Developing strategic plans and assessing company performance.
  • Conducting research and data analysis to inform business decisions.
  • Understand and shape the company’s strategy and mission.
  • Research competition to identify threats and opportunities.
  • Assess the company’s operational and strategic performance.
  • Align processes, resourcesplanning and department goals with overall strategy.
  • Provide support and insight into significant organizational changes (e.g., shift in strategic focus, mergers and acquisitions)
  • Monitor and analyze industry trends and market changes.
    Other Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Support the Company Project teams/managers throughout the project process, by providing practical support to the teams as and when required, acting as an intermediary to effectively manage the relationship between the departments and ensuring a good standard of quality is maintained.
    • Identify key markets (both domestic & international) in lieu of the company’s business strategy.
    • Identify and conduct strategic partnerships (both domestic & international), in lieu of the company’s business strategy, so the company can achieve its strategic goals in increasing its presence in the market.
    • Support client and other SME business needs for the development and delivery of business support programs e.g. workshops and seminars.
    • Conduct client visits where necessary pre and post projects to support the businesses in preparing project briefs.
    • Help fulfill the business needs of our clients and other SMEs, by undertaking research, facetoface, telephone calls and report writing and company presentations following analysis of business issues.
    • Support Project staff as required and needed in the project timelines and the organization of business support programs.
    • Produce/compile all relevant documentation/reports in line with requirements of the projects as directed by the Project/Team Managers.
    • Maintain a thorough knowledge of the business, as well as an understanding of how that business impacts on other entities.
    • Monitor, coordinate, and communicate the strategic objectives of the business with all relevant departments and external entities where necessary.
    • Work with other staff members/departments to develop a greater understanding of the business and any issues that many arise and need attention.
    • Collect, analyze, and utilize data and feedback to identify opportunities to improve the relationship between the business and the other entity.
    • Proactive involvement in the solving of any such conflicts or issues that could occur between the business and other entities.
    • Act as a positive representation of the business to the community.
    • Identify any potential research opportunities for the company and or specific departments.
    • Review of company contracts and agreements to ensure compliance with corporate strategy.
    • Undertake any further duties related to project management as specified by the management team.
      Requirements and Qualifications:

      • 4+ years of experience in a related role
      • Customeroriented attitude
      • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
      • Ability to establish and nurture beneficial business relationships.
      • Selfmotivated with a willingness to take initiative and solve complex problems.
      • Capability to negotiate with and influence others.
      • Analytically and mathematically minded to analyze data and create necessary reports
      • Ability to thrive in a fastpaced and sometimes highpressure environment.
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    • Company Name: Infonas
    • Published on:
    • Location: Bahrain, Manama
    • Job Type: Other

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