Cost Controller

Cost Controller

Job description

  • Prepares and analyzes food and beverage and Handicrafts costs on a monthly basis and recommends alternatives to improve costsÿ
  • Assists in changing price menus or changing the prices of certain items based on the information collected to make sure we are inline with the budgeted COGS
  • Establishes and maintains a database for inventory stock including up-to-date pricing to ensures proper storage and issuance of all items.ÿ
  • Establishes and maintains a cost allocation transfer system for the supplies to the various departments. Summarizes these transactions for each financial period close to ensure it is inline with budgets
  • Costs all food and beverage items and where practical, input these costs into the point of sales system and generates monthly potential cost of salesÿ
  • Ensures that the purchaser obtains up?to?date and accurate prices by comparing ?prices against suppliers? quotations. ?
  • Prepares and reviewing all the recipes which required to calculate their costs and prices to make sure they are inline with the COGS budget
  • Attends the process of preparing all the new recipes which required to be added to the menu and calculate their costs to ensure the accuracy of the actual quantities spent in each recipe to calculate the price and the cost of it.ÿ
  • Prepares cost reports for the Kitchen, Restaurant and analyzes the cost ratios on monthly basis to ensure it is inline with budget
  • Helps to prepare the annual budget for the F&B sector
  • Responsible for the short and long-term planning of the F&B controlling and pricing aspects to ensure it is inline with SE strategy.
  • Prepare variance analysis for food & beverage and communicating with relevant parties.
  • Check the menu pricing on the POS systems and ensure the correct prices are loaded
  • Continuously study weaknesses in F&B controls implemented and provide suggestions for improvements.
  • Check the daily Food & Beverage revenues report submitted by the income audit for the accuracy of covers and average check.
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