Distribution Manager

Distribution Manager

Job description

Ensuring that products are delivered to customers in a timely manner through the use of effective inventory management techniques

  • Managing budgets and planning expenditures to ensure that costs are kept under control while still achieving business goals
  • Negotiating with vendors to obtain favorable terms on supplies and services needed by the company
  • Reviewing sales reports to identify market trends and areas for improvement in product lines or distribution methods
  • Recommending changes to product lines based on consumer trends
  • Training employees about company policies and procedures for handling inventory, shipping orders, and other tasks
  • Analyzing market data to determine the best locations for new distribution centers or stores based on customer demographics and purchasing patterns
  • Maintaining relationships with vendors and suppliers in order to secure competitive rates on products and services
  • Creating distribution schedules and routes to ensure timely delivery of goods to customers

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    Job Summery

    • Company Name: Career Maker
    • Published on:
    • Location: Bahrain, Manama
    • Job Type: Other

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