Fabrication Technician

Fabrication Technician

Job description

Fabrication technicians have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

  • Inspecting materials to ensure they meet standards for use in the manufacturing process
  • Operating computercontrolled equipment to cut metal or other materials into specified shapes
  • Installing metal studs into concrete walls to support heavy equipment
  • Installing electrical wiring and fixtures such as light switches, outlets, and ceiling fans
  • Installing piping systems
  • Assembling manufactured products
  • Installing insulation on walls, floors, and ceilings using hand tools such as hammers and saws
  • Welding seams together using a welding machine or torch in order to create large structures such as ships or airplanes
  • Cutting materials such as steel plates or PVC pipes using a saw or plasma cutter
    Job Types:
    Full-time, Permanent

    From BD700.000 per month

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    Job Summery

    • Company Name: The 1 Percent
    • Published on:
    • Location: Bahrain, Manama
    • Job Type: Other

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