Head of Primary

Head of Primary

Job description

The Head of the Primary is responsible for assisting in the organization and
fostering a positive, safe environment that is conducive to meeting the needs
of all students, staff, and parents. This includes such responsibilities as
leading, directing, counseling, and supervising a variety of personnel and
programs as well as creating effective parent, teacher, and student
communications, supporting, encouraging, mentoring, evaluating, and fostering
teamwork among all community members.

*Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Support, uphold, and articulate the mission and vision of Al Shomoukh International School.
    • Support and adhere to the code of conduct, policies and procedures of Al Shomoukh International School. Maintain confidentiality regarding school
      • Ensure that all policies, procedures, and routines across the primary school are effective and efficient.
        • Be responsible for the safety and well-being of all students and staff through positive recognition and establishing high expectations for
          behavior and conduct.
          • Plan, deliver, and oversee a high-quality primary program and its curriculum.
            • Ensure that improvement activities are focused on raising quality and productivity within the department.
              • Monitor and promote outstanding attendance and punctuality across the academic department. Involve staff in a systematic and rigorous
                self-evaluation, by the obligation to fully cooperate in this process.
                • Contribute to monthly newsletters. Prepare regular communications with staff, students, and parents.
                  • Consult the community about the work of Al Shomoukh International School regularly to ensure that parent views are received respectfully and help
                    guide the school’s development.
                    • Monitor the implementation of strategic plans and identify areas of need. If and when it is appropriate, administer a budget for the satisfaction of
                      agreed needs.
                      • Foster the well-being and development of all individuals associated with the service through the creation of a secure and supportive environment.
                        Foster links between all community members.
                        • Lead a team of professionals and collaborate with them to maintain the highest possible standards of care and development.
                          • Engage in personal and professional development to ensure a thorough knowledge of all aspects relating to the field of education.
                            • Develop a monthly Continuous Professional Development schedule for your department.
                              • Uphold professional integrity at all times…discretion, confidentiality, loyalty, and trust while performing all duties. Display a high level of
                                professional competence in all areas of responsibility.
                                • Attend school sponsored activities. Use appropriate and effective techniques to encourage community and parental involvement. Contribute to
                                  the marketing of the Al Shomoukh International School to the local and
                                  wider community.
                                  • Act as a prime “point of contact” in student recruitment and interviews with parents of primary students.
                                    • Participate in staff recruitment and appraisal processes.
                                    • Work with staff cooperatively and respectfully. Foster positive staff relationships. Hold regular departmental meetings.
                                      • Observe and evaluate instruction and provide constructive feedback on staff performance while maintaining documentation. Promote peer modeling,
                                        team teaching, and coaching within and across grade levels and
                                        • Establish expectations for students, staff, and parents that aim toward achieving and maintaining an excellent rating from the Ministry of
                                          Education and other relevant authorities while making positive use of data
                                          available from the management information system.
                                          • Maintain a work schedule that maximizes availability to the school, students, staff, and families.
                                            • Ensure all teacher’s report comments are checked and are written at the highest standards.
                                              • Check all students end of term results and ensure all grades are entered into the school portal and the ministry portal.
                                                • Meet all deadlines set by the Vice Principal.
                                                • Communicate effectively with parents and ensure concerns or complaints are handled within 24 hours.
                                                  • Monitor the parent portal daily and ensure teachers are posting homework, assignments, worksheets, and assessments dates.
                                                    • Organize after-school support and ECA’s, keep a record of students’ attendance, and inform parents of students recommended to attend the
                                                      support sessions.
                                                      • Prepare a list of recommended textbooks for the start of the academic year – the textbook list must be submitted when the deadline is set by the
                                                        Vice Principal.
                                                        • Submit all end-of-year curriculum improvement plans and recommendations.
                                                        • Hold regular meetings with your teachers and ensure to take minutes.
                                                        • Ensure yearbook photos and comments are prepared by teachers and checked by the head of the department.
                                                          • Heads of departments are expected to attend all after-school parents’ meetings or workshops.
                                                            • Responsible for supervising your department on the ground & first-floor corridors.
                                                              • Submit an end-of-year department report to your line manager.
                                                              • Heads of Departments are expected to cover for teachers who call in absent or are on leave.
                                                                • Ensure each year group holds its weekly assembly.
                                                                • Select teachers to monitor and hold weekly student council meetings.
                                                                • Monitor teachers’ display boards.
                                                                • Organize your grade sections yearly trips and coordinate with the Head of trips and activities.
                                                                  • Monitor corridors and playground areas during students’ breaks.
                                                                  • Continuously supervise corridors and toilets throughout the school day.
                                                                  • Organize your departments yearly trips and co-ordinate with the Head of trips and activities.

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