History Teacher

History Teacher

Job description

Contract Length: 1 year

Number of Vacancies: 1

Student Level:

  • High School
  • Licensed Teacher

    • Education Required: BachelorMinimum Teaching Experience: 0 year of teaching experience
      • Major: History
      • Required Certificates:
      • Teaching Credential/License Job Benefits:
      • Medical insurance
      • Settle in allowance
      • Shipping allowance
      • Transportation to/from school
        Job Description:

        Duties and Responsibilities:


        • Create an environment of respect and rapport, engaging students actively in their learning.
        • Communicate clearly and positively, showing flexibility and responsiveness
        • Address the needs of students with different levels and abilities
        • Use prescribed curriculum framework with curricular standards
        • Use a range and balance of teaching strategies
        • Utilize developmentally appropriate instructional strategies
        • Use a variety of resources for pursuing openended inquiry
        • Recognize the importance of cultural heritage
        • Maintain constant awareness of the needs of second language learners
        • Provide prompt, regular, and appropriate feedback to students/parents by maintaining accurate records for each student
        • Use technology to optimize learning

          • Plan collaboratively, based on the agreed curriculum framework, standards, and instructional goals.
          • Create learning units with the end of mind (backward design)
          • Involve students in planning their learning and assessment
          • Build upon student prior knowledge and experience and accommodate a wide range of ability levels
          • Use varied and appropriate resources
          • Maintain accurate records including lesson plans and grade books

            • View planning, teaching, and assessing as interconnected processes
            • Use a range and balance of assessment strategies and documentation
            • Assess the levels of student’s current experience and understanding before embarking on new learning
            • Enable students to see assessment as a means of describing their learning and involving students and colleagues in the assessment process
            • Involve students in shared reflection during and at the end of each unit
            • Ensure students fully understand how their grades are determined
            • Maintain records of regular parental contact
            • Work collaboratively with colleagues to ensure that the results of an assessment provide a link to further curriculum development
              Student Care and Support:

              • Provide a safe environment for the student at all times, in and out of the classroom
              • Efficiently carry out supervision responsibilities
              • Support the moral, social, and emotional development of each child
              • Demonstrate positive attitudes of tolerance, respect and integrity by example
              • Celebrating multicultural and national identities in our community
              • Gain insight into students through communication and partnership with families and colleagues
                Professional Appraisal and Staff Development:

                • Seek and participate in opportunities for professional growth
                • Support the emphasis on ongoing professional learning to further develop knowledge of pedagogy and teaching practice
                • Perform additional duties required by the administration that are consistent with the purposes and responsibilities contained in this job description.
                • Actively work and support the MKS growth process.

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    Job Summery

    • Company Name: Teach Away
    • Published on:
    • Location: Bahrain, Manama
    • Job Type: Other

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