Organizational Development Specialist

Organizational Development Specialist

Job description

  • Attends and conducts a variety of meetings as assigned for the purpose of providing team andmeeting facilitation services and consulting services to County Office leadership teams.
  •  Collaborates with internal subject matter experts for the purpose of designing, conducting and evaluating training content, methods, materials and program scheduling.
  • Communicates with administrators, managers and outside organization representatives for the purpose of coordinating activities and programs, resolving issues and conflicts, and exchanging information.
  • Designs and implements a variety of workforce and organization development programs (e.g. employee wellness, leadership development, employee recognition, and performance excellence, etc.) for the purpose of determining training priorities to meet staff needs and supporting the goals of the County Office.
  • Develops and coordinates with the Superintendent and senior management the strategic planning to meet County Office initiatives, policy and governance development for the purpose of facilitating the development of strategic plans and identifying their metrics and modes of data collection

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    Job Summery

    • Company Name: Jordan Impact Group
    • Published on:
    • Location: Jordan, Albert Town
    • Job Type: Other

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