Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager

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Restaurant Manager (Arabic Speaking)

Key responsibilities include, but not limited to, managing the full restaurant administration, coordination between sections and departments, supervision of food and beverage quality, hygiene and food safety practices, as well as full team management.

Additional tasks involve supervising/coordinating training, detailed cleaning of restaurant sections, maintaining a cordial and cooperative team atmosphere for smooth operations, safeguarding all equipment and products of the restaurant, and receiving guidance/instruction from the Brand Operations Manager.

Maintaining excellent grooming and personal hygiene is imperative, along with an attentive, polite and helpful attitude towards all customers and colleagues.
Al Abraaj Restaurants Group
It all started in 1987.

Bahrain’s dining scene was growing but lacked variety. In between the fine dining restaurants and fast-food chains, our founder Mr. Rashed Hilal envisioned a neighbourhood restaurant offering a diverse selection of local and international dishes in a refined setting. Al Abraaj was thus born in Sehla, Bahrain. The idea behind the concept was simple but effective; everything was to be freshly prepared, delicious, and affordable.

Al Abraaj rapidly grew in popularity, expanding to multiple towns and malls.

Today, Al Abraaj is a household name in Bahrain with a reputation for delivering excellence in the casual dining segment.

The success of Al Abraaj inspired the group to launch unique dining concepts catering to various culinary tastes including Al Abraaj, Mashawi Al Abraaj, Mazmiz, Bindaira, Nu Asia, Lumee, YaSalam, Otto, San Carlo Cicchetti and La Rotisserie.

Al Abraaj group is widely recognised as a family business pioneering excellence in the F&B sector, with over 40 outlets and cafes, a catering division, and a workforce of 1,200 employees.
The philosophy at Al Abraaj Group is simple:
delicious food in a mix of contemporary and traditional settings, catering to various audiences at a suitable price.

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    Restaurant Management: 1 year (preferred)


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    • Company Name: Al Abraaj Restaurants Group
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    • Location: Bahrain, Manama
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